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Sell My Home Fast

3.1 easy steps to sell your house today!

STEP 1: CONTACT US (813)530-8276 , We’ll discuss the current condition & features of the Tampa FL property that you want to sell and give you an estimate over the phone of how much we could pay without looking at the home based on your description.  If we are in the same range, then we’ll proceed to step two, scheduling a home visit.

STEP 2: A buying representative will meet you at your property for a quick and easy walk through & he or she will assess any needed repairs. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do any repairs.  We’ll handle all of that if we buy it. Then our rep will explain our official offer. If you accept it we sign a sales agreement.

STEP 3: Our Tampa Acquisitions department will work with the Title company to do all the legal paperwork. When the title search is complete YOU CHOOSE YOUR CLOSING DATE! How exciting! This usually all takes about 10-14 days. On this day you sign all the final paperwork and you’ll receive the proceeds from the Title Company for the sale of your home.

Selling property can be stressful, especially if you’re putting it on the market in the fall or if its ugly or maybe badly damaged. Our purchasing managers would love to speak with you. They want to discuss a mutually beneficial game plan.  That’s because our company buys real estate, and you want to sell your home… so it only makes sense we get together.  Finding a real estate agent to partner with to market your real estate and actually selling it may take more time than you have or time that you want to waste. But, the selling process should not intimidate you if you choose us. We take care of all the legalities and help you every step of the sale. Think of it as a turnkey no hassle approach. All you have to do to get started is call us or request a call back by using our contact form.

Learn how to sell a house by owner really fast.

Steps to selling a home fast.


If the time and speed at which you sell your home fast is more important to you and your family than getting full price for you home then call us. When time is of essence, don’t go the traditional MLS route.  By using the traditional Tampa, FL way to sell a home with a realtor route the time in selling in the market can be a lucky hit or a terrible miss. In reality no one knows how long it’ll take to sell a house quick. Realtors can make an estimate based on local market conditions but usually they tell you want you want to hear to lock up the deal and then ask you weeks or months later to drop the price. Texas distressed houses can take a very long time to sell, and Florida realtor fees and commissions can really rack add up.

Our REI team members, work with the preferred home buying company in Tampa, will buy your house today in as-is condition. Yes, that’s right, we can buy your house in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Metropolitan areas. We will do it in thy exact condition it is right now! There’s no need to clean out junk or to make repairs. From the Bay area to virtually anywhere in Hillsborough County, we drive to you. Ugly real estate? No worries, If you have a bad floor plan there are no need for renovations. Ugly paint job, again no problem. We buy it as is. Make you life easier for yourself – we handle it all and we can take out the head ache out of your current stressful situation.

Visit our social media. We provide interviews and information on selling real estate. Find simple tips that work to get more on For Sale By Owner listings. Get real and Genuine ethical tips, and if you just want to sell your property call right now!